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ॐ क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं हूँ हूँ ह्रीं ह्रीं दक्षिणे कालिके

क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं हूँ हूँ ह्रीं ह्रीं स्वाहा॥

Are you looking for guidance and direction in your life?

Do you want to know what the future holds for you?

If so, then you need to consult with a qualified astrologer.

Astrology is a powerful tool that can help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and challenges, and your overall life path.

A good astrologer can help you to make better decisions in all areas of your life, including your career, relationships, and finances.

If you are searching for an Best astrologer in Ahmedabad, then look no further than Sai Upasak Astrology. With over four decades of experience in the field of astrology, Sai Upasak Astrology is a trusted and reliable name in Gujarat. Their expertise lies in providing accurate readings and genuine solutions to various life problems.

It is essential to find an astrologer who can understand the Gujarat traditions and culture. Sai Upasak Astrology ensures that they cater to the local community by providing solutions to various marriage and family problems such as divorce, children, love, property, family business, and inter-caste love marriage issues.

Pandit G.R. Shastri ji has a deep understanding of the local customs and practices, which makes it easier for him to provide successful solutions that are rooted in the Indian Vedic culture.

Sai Upasak Astrology has been serving as the NO.1 Astrologer in Ahmedabad since 1980. They have helped numerous individuals and families overcome their problems and lead a happy and fulfilled life. Guruji’s approach is straightforward, and they believe in providing practical solutions to their clients. They do not believe in making false promises or giving false hopes. Instead, they provide realistic solutions that are backed by their years of experience and knowledge.

If you are in search of a reputable and genuine astrologer in Ahmedabad, look no further than Sai Upasak Astrology. With a reliable history of delivering precise readings and authentic remedies for numerous life challenges, they are the ideal choice. Their profound understanding of the local culture and traditions allows them to offer solutions accordingly. Take the initiative to schedule your appointment today and witness the transformative impact that Sai Upasak Astrology can have on your life.


Pandit G.R Shastri A Pioneer, Prodigy & Founder Of Sai Upasak Astrologer In India Has Always Worked For The Welfare Of His Beloved Clients. No Matter What Problems Or Phase One Goes Through., our astrologer in India Supports Them & Makes Sure They Are Not Worried Anymore About It.

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G.R Shastri Ji Started Learning Vedic Astrology & Numerology At the Age Of 15. While Practising Numerology He Was Interested In Nadi & Vedic Rituals Which Made Him Travel Through Kerala, Varanasi, Assam, Nepal, Manipur, and Tamil-Nadu.

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His Experience And Art Of Vedic Rituals Is Still Appraised And Used In Various Ancient Powerful Temples Of India.

Best Astrologer Shastri Ji Has Always Been Curious About Planets & Its Effects On Individuals. His Knowledge In Maths, Astronomics & Time Helps In Predicting Karma & Future Deeds Of An Individual With 99% Accuracy.

With Over 50 Years of Experience, Shastri Ji Has Researched, Experimented, Drafted, and Predicted Over 2L+ Horoscopes Accurately  Throughout Various Countries Of Various Individuals. This Makes Us Proud That Best Astrologer G.R Shastri JI Has Dedicated So Much Of His Life For The Welfare Of Many People.

“If One Has The Strength To Stand Still Against The Odds Even Fate Will Support Them’’ – G.R Shastri

Astrology plays a significant role alongside the element of luck, providing ideal investment plans that are favourable to an individual’s dasas and the combination of planets, ultimately leading to prosperity in trading and the stock market. By utilising dhan yog, one can gain an overview of how much to invest in a given period of time.


  1. Conjunction of lagna lord with 2nd house from ASTROLOGER FOR BUSINESS PROBLEMS

Looking to transition from employment to the business sector?

Currently facing challenges in your business endeavours?

Need astrological guidance for business growth?

Look no further than Pandit G.R. Shastri Ji, an esteemed astrologer specialising in business matters, available in Ahmedabad. He provides guidance on understanding your current career karma and assists in determining the most suitable dasa period based on your Kundali. This includes advice on starting a business, choosing the right business type, and selecting a business name using numerology. 

Furthermore, Guruji has the ability to predict potential obstacles and challenges that may arise in your business journey, such as financial constraints, partnership issues, market exposure, and brand development.

By scheduling a comprehensive consultation, you can gain valuable insights and make confident decisions that will lead you towards a successful and fulfilling future in your chosen career.

Book a consultation today with the top astrologer in Ahmedabad and have the following questions answered:

  1. Is a partnership suitable for my business?
  2. Will my spouse support my business interests?
  3. Tips for expanding business in politically turbulent regions?
  4. How to resolve power disputes in a family-owned business?
  5. Building an online business from a scratch without prior experience?

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If you are looking for an experienced and reliable astrologer in Ahmedabad, look no further than Pandit G.R Shastri Ji. With years of experience in the field of astrology, he has helped countless couples find solutions to their problems related to marriage and children.

Pandit Ji is known for his accurate predictions and effective remedies. He deeply understands astrology and its various branches, such as Vedic astrology, numerology, and palmistry. He uses his knowledge and expertise to provide personalised solutions to each of his clients, based on their unique birth charts and planetary positions.


As per astrology, if the 5th lord is not present in the 6th,8th or 12th house then there is a delay in childbirth. It is important to analyse the 5th lord’s presence in the moon sign.

The situation of planetary placements in the 5th & 7th house is the deciding factor for childbirth. If the 5th house has beneficial planets then the couples will be blessed with healthy families.


1-Placement of Jupiter & Saturn in the 5th House along with Mars & Mercury.

2-Influence Of Ketu, Mars over the 5th house can cause miscarriage

3-Delay in childbirth at age 32 is when Jupiter is in the 5th house in an angular position with Venus in it!


A HEALTHY PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP can be defined between couples through care, love, communication & astrologically by the 7th house with the help of Venus placement.

Whether you are facing issues related to love, marriage, career, finances, or health, Pandit Ji can provide you with the guidance and support you need. He is a compassionate and empathetic astrologer who listens patiently to his client’s problems and offers practical solutions that are easy to implement.

Over the years, Pandit Ji has earned a reputation as one of the best astrologers in Ahmedabad. His clients trust him implicitly and seek his advice on a wide range of issues. He has helped couples overcome marital discord, conceive children, and lead happy and fulfilling lives.

So, if you are facing any problems in your life and are looking for an astrologer in Ahmedabad who can help you find solutions, look no further than Pandit Ji. With his vast knowledge and experience, he can help you navigate the challenges of life and find success and happiness.

How Kali Yantra Can Help You In Inner Transformation- MUST READ IF YOUR INTO SADHANA

When you approach kriya shakti , a guided breathing meditation, you will experiense intense essence of love & self realisation.

The relative world is composed of 8 tattvas, along with the 3 principles of the inner instrument (antahkarana): the Lower Mind (manas), the Higher Mind (buddhi), and the Ego-sense (ahamkara).

Kali yantra helps in liberating & connecting your soul with deep level of consciousness to bring in touch to the reality of universe of one-self   

In the element of air or wind, Vayu, Kali exists as the power of action. Within the human body, Kali manifests as Prana, the breath or life-force. Kali holds the five vital airs: prana (upward air), apana (downward air), vyana (air within the body), udana (air leaving the body), and samana (air at the navel which aids in digestion). Kali emphasises the inner action that generates the internalising force of so’ ham, the rhythm and sound of the breath. Regulating the breathing techniques and constantly trying to connect Atman, affirmation of “I am that, I am Spirit, I am Kali.” will help you experience the absolute reality within your consciousness!

Similar to the wind, Kali is mobile, subtle, and transformative. She is associated with the electrical force that permeates the universe as the power of transformation. Just like an electrical storm, Kali acts swiftly. She bestows lightning-like illumination and transformation. Kali resides in the spiritual heart, the anahata chakra. She is the pulsation of the physical heart, the life-giving blood. In this aspect, she is known as Rakta-Kali or the Red Kali.

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–> Which horoscope is accurate?

In Current Technological Advancements, various sources available on net related to horoscope reading. But its always advised to look for authentic and verified sources for accurate information!

Many consider that general horoscope reading linked to sun sign is very much sufficient. But infact experienced vedic astrologers use only natal charts where an individual’s complete birth details with time info to create a birth chart where all nine planets are present where they are used to determine the past, present & future of individual with success and failure time accurately!

To get an accurate horoscope reading and prediction make sure to find the right astrologer in ahmedabad who is experienced and having a record of atleast 90% accurate predictions with knowledge of various astrological studies.

–> What are the qualities of best astrologer in Ahmedabad?

A good astrologer should have the following qualities:

  • Knowledge and experience: A good astrologer should have a deep understanding of the principles of astrology, as well as experience in interpreting natal charts.
  • Honesty and integrity: An astrologer should be honest with their clients and provide them with accurate and unbiased readings.
  • Empathy and understanding: An astrologer should be able to empathize with their clients and understand their needs. They should also be able to explain complex astrological concepts in a way that their clients can understand.
  • Confidentiality: An astrologer should respect the confidentiality of their clients’ information.
  • Positive outlook: An astrologer should have a positive outlook and be able to help their clients see the potential for good in their lives.

In addition to these general qualities, a good astrologer may also have specific skills and areas of expertise, such as:vedic astrology, nadi astrology, palmistry, numerology, psychology and face reading

Here are some tips for finding a good astrologer In Ahmedabad:

  • Look for an astrologer who has a good reputation and experience in interpreting natal charts.
  • Make sure that the astrologer you choose is licensed or certified by a reputable organization.
  • Ask the astrologer about their approach to astrology and their interpretation of your natal chart.
  • Trust your gut instinct. If you feel comfortable with an astrologer, there is a good chance that they are a good fit for you.

–> Does Sai Upasak Astrology Provide Good Astrological Solutions?

Sai Upasak Astrology Is The Prominent Astrology Centre In India Since Decades Providing Helpful Solutions To Various Individuals, Families, Couples, Politicians And Celebrities In Various Countries!

Here are some signs of good astrology solutions or guidance:

  • Astrologer G.R Shastri Ji is knowledgeable and experienced. Guruji explains the principles of astrology in a clear and concise way, and has experience interpreting natal charts since 1980.
  • Astrologer G.R Shastri Ji is honest and ethical. Guruji is upfront about their fees and services, and they never make any unreliable promises.
  • Guruji is empathetic and understanding. They listen to your concerns and provide you with support and guidance.
  • The astrologer’s advice and manifestation guidance is practical and actionable. It is something you can implement in your life to achieve your goals.
  • You feel good after talking to the astrologer. You should feel hopeful and inspired, and you should have a better understanding of yourself and your life path and it is very much possible when you meet Pandit G.R. Shastri Ji

Here are some additional things to look for when evaluating astrology solutions or guidance:

  • The astrologer takes the time to understand your individual needs. They should ask you questions about your life, your goals, and your challenges.
  • The astrologer uses a variety of tools and techniques to analyze your natal chart. They should not rely on just one method.
  • The astrologer is able to explain your natal chart in a way that you can understand. They should be able to explain the different planets and signs in your chart, and how they interact with each other.
  • The astrologer provides you with practical and actionable advice. They should help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to set realistic goals for yourself.
  • The astrologer is positive and supportive. They should help you to see the potential for good in your life.

If you are considering seeking astrology solutions or guidance, it is important to do your research and find a qualified and experienced astrologer. You can ask for recommendations from friends or family, or you can search online for astrologers in your area.

It is also important to remember that astrology is not a magic bullet. It cannot solve all of your problems or predict the future with certainty. However, astrology can provide you with valuable insights into yourself and your life path. It can also help you to make better decisions and to achieve your goals.