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ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय नम:

ॐ विश्वं विष्णु: वषट्कारो भूत-भव्य-भवत-प्रभुः ।

Pandit G.R Shastri Ji is a well known Famous Online Astrologer In India who has made the lives of many people easy. A very well-known pandit in the field of Deva Keralam is called Nadi Astrology. by removing the troubles and showing a person the right path to come out from the troubles. 

Consult Our No.1 Best Astrologer Online and change your destiny forever. Find out what’s best for all aspects of your life like love, finance, career, job, money, marriage, education, etc. through online astrology. Pandit G.R Shastri is a qualified astrologer and renowned vedic specialist.


Pandit G.R Shastri A Pioneer, Prodigy & Founder Of Sai Upasak Astrologer In India Has Always Worked For The Welfare Of His Beloved Clients. No Matter What Problems Or Phase One Goes Through., our astrologer in India Supports Them & Makes Sure They Are Not Worried Anymore About It.

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G.R Shastri Ji Started Learning Vedic Astrology & Numerology At the Age Of 15. While Practising Numerology He Was Interested In Nadi & Vedic Rituals Which Made Him Travel Through Kerala, Varanasi, Assam, Nepal, Manipur, and Tamil-Nadu.

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His Experience And Art Of Vedic Rituals Is Still Appraised And Used In Various Ancient Powerful Temples Of India.

Best Astrologer Shastri Ji Has Always Been Curious About Planets & Its Effects On Individuals. His Knowledge In Maths, Astronomics & Time Helps In Predicting Karma & Future Deeds Of An Individual With 99% Accuracy.

With Over 50 Years of Experience, Shastri Ji Has Researched, Experimented, Drafted, and Predicted Over 2L+ Horoscopes Accurately  Throughout Various Countries Of Various Individuals. This Makes Us Proud That Best Astrologer G.R Shastri JI Has Dedicated So Much Of His Life For The Welfare Of Many People.

“If One Has The Strength To Stand Still Against The Odds Even Fate Will Support Them’’ – G.R Shastri

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Now you can consult our Dharmic Astrologer for the most effective solutions with a quick appointment!

Ask your questions regarding career, health, Mental Wellbeing, marriage, business, children, relationships, or any other area of life. With over 50 years of experience and successful guidance., get answers with a high level of accuracy and effective remedial measures from our Dharmic Astrologer, Pt. G.R Shastri.


Panditji takes only 20 questions in a day so that he can personally work on each query. You get your answers and solutions answered by an expert!


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Ask your Question Now!

Getting answer to your question by expert astrologer has never been this easy and cost effective.


High Level Accuracy.


Highly Experienced Astrologer.


Effective remedial suggestions.


Post consultation support is always available

Get A Detailed Analysis For 1 question At Rs 599. Get A Complete Life Analysis For Rs 2000.

Charges only applicable within India*

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–> What can we expect during the consultation with sai upasak astrology?

Get all answers to any problems which are bothering you and your family. Call us today for genuine advice on any decisions. 

With over 50 Year’s Experience, Guruji provides you with the most effective results! Call us Now!

Understand how u can come over to any obstacles with just 1 consultation from your G.R Shastri Ji.

–> Does anyone find Sai Upasak Astrology Predictions & solutions Accurate?

Sai upasak astrology was established in 1980! Since then G.R Shastri Ji has provided helpful advice, solutions & on-time results. One can always ask any number of questions to see how knowledgeable your Sai Upasak Guruji is.

–> How to choose the best astrologer?

If you searching for a renowned astrologer? You are in the proper location. For more than 50 years, Sai Upasak Astrology has offered customers various types of astrological services while maintaining complete anonymity.

Our Guruji knowledge is incredibly potent and extends beyond Vedic astrology to include numerology, Vastu sastra, marriage compatibility, and more.

Make a wise choice by reading up on the astrologer.

Consult a renowned astrologer to find solutions to a variety of pressing problems that frequently interfere with our daily lives. Look up the feedback from previous clients.

–> Who Is The Best Online Astrologer?

Sai Upasak is the Best Online Astrologer In India, A notable Online Astrologer with 50 years of experience who has been making accurate predictions across India since 1980!

G.R Shastri Is A Famous Astrologer who has caused people to get towards the supernatural quality and use soothsaying wise Advice To Get Them Out Of Depression and Personal Problems. He gives a bold work to fulfil life by completing the troubles of An Individual’s Problems.

G.R Shastri is the most well known Online Astrologer for offering a better response than Various Life, Personal and Family Issues.

His authentic visionary helps a person with overcoming the preventions and welcome life on track. He is that person who reliably suggests the most fitting response for a person Through dharmic astrology and serves them for their liberality.

There are various real factors about best online Astrologer Pandit G.R Shastri that makes them one the trusted and certifiable Vedic Jyotish that numerous people look for help and use his insight for their improvement throughout everyday life, vocation, wellbeing, marriage, family relationship, instruction, kids and money.

The best online Astrologer In India is Our G.R Shastri who has done various examinations to learn about Vedic and Dharmic Astrology To See Its Effects and positive changes which can acquire a singular’s life.

He for the most part focuses on that every individual should get an authentic plan. The conjectures which he has done regularly get legitimate for a person. He deals with his work his best to bring fulfilment, prosperity, and overflow to the presence of a person.

Pandit G.R Shastri invests huge energy exhorting clients who are managing issues concerning individual life, family-prosperity, companionship associations, and mindfulness.

He genuinely trusts that sweeping Vastu deals with any consequences regarding his segment. With our Best online astrologer get the right solutions for any problems you are facing in your life.

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–> Marriage & Compatibility- When will I get married? How might my wedded life be?

Marriage coordinating or match settling on is a grave choice taken by both individuals before they get married to hold and to observe each other for the remainder of their lives.

Husband Wife Problem -The connection between Husband and spouse is lovely in the world. It relates that the two people signify “one soul in two bodies”. Trust and comprehension assume a significant part in the spouse/wife relationship.

Love Marriage- See whether you and your adoration interest or accomplice are perfect partners, Love marriage alludes to picking one’s soul mate through affection as opposed to relying upon the elderly folks of the home to track down the right alliance. Falling in affection with somebody isn’t so natural.

Talk to our Vedic Astrologer online, with help of online jyothisham, get accurate Predictions, and know about your horoscope. For Best Predictions talk to our Professional astrologer, get the best solution by experienced Jyotish since 1980. Professional Vedic Priest. Get Quotes now!.

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100% Accurate Result for Relationship, Career & future planning by Pandit G.R Shastri. Meet The best astrologer online today, Get Accurate Predictions about your life.

Your astrologer online is the hope when life feels uncertain. One consultation can bring in positivity & make your life prosperous. Schedule a video session today with Sai Upasak Best Online Astrologer In India!

G.R Shastri Ji has naturally been inclined to the Jyotish field since their youth. One can feel the heat while interacting with him with excellent ease as he makes use of astrology rituals, yantras, mantras, and Vedic astrology to supply relief to the suffering individual’s due to life problems. 

There are thousands of individuals who have consulted Astrologer Online and brought a permanent solution to their problems forever without looking back ever again. 

You will Meet One Of The Most helpful astrologers online only in sai upasak best online astrologer in India. 

In light of the real issues, who is understood because the best celestial prophet for creating 100% precise expectations, for instance, love marriage, budgetary issues, relationship issues, business, and children related issues in just one meet he suggest you solutions by seeing your face and solves all of your problems easily.

If you are still suffering from all the difficulties and problems even after consulting many astrologers and visiting many temples, our astrologer online will guide and support you for the best and 100% solutions to all problems.

Call now to meet the most reputed astrologer online for a scientific approach for accurate and permanent life-changing results!

Various best & traditional services are offered by our astrologer online.

Call your sai upasak best online astrologer in India now! Love Marriage, Marriage Solutions, Husband & Wife Solutions, Education & Career, Foreign Tour, Palm Reading, Love Solutions, Vaastu, Divorce Solutions, Family Solutions, Ex-Love Back Specialist


ॐ नमो विष्णवे प्रभविष्णवे।

श्री वैशम्पायन उवाच।

–> Looking for Telugu/Tamil based astrology? 

With the help of online jyothisham get the best answers and solutions to all problems related to your life.

Online jyothisham is based on nadi & telugu astrology where g.r shastri ji does accurate reading with help of south indian star matching where one can get best answers very accurately. With over 5L+ successful jatakam solutions guruji has provided immense happiness & guidance to various clients throughout india!

No.1 online jyothisham. trusted guidance. 100% satisfactory results. South Indian Astrology Expert!

Love Problem- See whether you and your adoration interest or colleague are brilliant associates, Love marriage implies picking one’s own ideal accomplice through companionship instead of relying on the elderly individuals of the home to track down the right coalition. Falling in affection with somebody isn’t exactly typical.

–> Marriage Problem- When will you get Married? How could your wedded life be? 

Marriage arranging or matchmaking is a grave choice taken for the kid and an adolescent before they get hitched to hold and to see each other until the end of their lives.

Children Problem –  if, despite everything that you are harming for a little dumbfounding visitor in your life who might call you mother or father in its exquisite voice. In any case, you can’t do as such taking into account the issues in your stars. For such issues which will quickly kill the obstructions as a whole.

Foes Problem- The planets in the sixth house can similarly discuss the chance of scorn we face. The Sun in the sixth house doesn’t keep a fantastic relationship with family members.

Be that as it may, the Sun gives a lot of boldness to pound the foe. A solid Sun likewise furnishes us with the gift of the position.

job guidance- Work direction Is it exact to say that you are stressed over When will I land a position? Which calling is appropriate for me? What is my future calling by date of birth? Is it precise to say that you are baffled with your work? Will I land an administration position in future? Find deals with every one of your solicitations according to your calling soothsaying.

Dark Magic Removal- Over the course of your life If you are experiencing dull divination in the event that you lose everything and nobody is well wisher of you, talk with our best jewel gazer in Bangalore. Dull sorcery is more grounded than white appeal since it is power hungry.

Court case- Legal dispute Is it veritable that you are in a difficult situation because of the relentless legitimate discussions? Soothsaying has managed you. Legitimate inquiries in your ordinary presence can enormously hurt your tremendous quietness including time and cash. It is a wearisome circle. Valuable stone examining each of the circles of our lives.

Financial Problem- Money related status is a basic component in each one’s life. Individuals put forth a strong attempt to manage their cash related status, cash is the most compelling component for each individual and everyone needs to see himself getting rich.

Spouse Wife Problem- The relationship of Husband and life accomplice is a magnificent relationship on the planet.

To relate the two people infers “one soul in two bodies”. 

Trust and perception acknowledges a basic part in the mate/life partner relationship.

–> What Is Astrology?

Indian Astrology is one of the significant expressions whose presence can’t be dismissed by any person. Soothsaying depends on estimations, standards, planets, and expectations.

In Astrology, it is accepted that each person has fortune in view of what work he/she performs during as long as they can remember and the nine planets monstrously affect the existence of people.

With one more type of science managing only the external physiological and standard of conduct of people, crystal gazing makes an association with both the internal and external existence of an individual.

–> For what reason is crystal gazing exact?

Crystal gazing has been utilised before the introduction of Christ and extremely strong and renowned people have depended on soothsaying and its abilities to accomplish dreams!

Infact different well known celestial prophets have likewise anticipated the life and political occasions which are occuring now!

Western crystal gazing has forever been famous among different societies for a long time.

Crystal gazing doesn’t just assist in foreseeing best of luck and future yet it additionally decides different elements of a singular’s life, for example, wellbeing, profession, marriage, abundance, terrible times, life partner,etc..

Crystal gazing helps different people in tracking down the right accomplice to finish their life. Crystal gazing can likewise foresee the result of the marriage and post marriage impacts. That is the reason horoscope matching is generally finished by both the relatives before marriage is fixed for the security of the lady and husband to be!

There are many branches which support crystal gazing in many structures with logical methodology when applied really!

Numerology,Tarot,Voodoo, Palmistry, Face-Reading, Vastu-Shastra,

health-crystal gazing, clairvoyant perusing are largely the branches which support soothsaying and help in pursuing one’s horoscope precisely.

There are different information and educational encounters which demonstrate crystal gazing genuinely so the main assignment is to observe the right soothsayer who can really produce , decipher the horoscope in the most reliable manner.


Durga pooja {world-famous in west bengal}

Durga Puja, also called Durgotsava and Navratri, is an annual Hindu festival in the Indian subcontinent that reveres the goddess Durga. It is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin, typically September or October of the Gregorian calendar. A multi-day festival that features elaborate temple and stage decorations (pandals), scripture recitation. It helps in unifying cultural diversity, women’s wish fulfilment, prosperity in-home, increase in will power of a woman.

Homan and Havana – In Homa or fire sacrifice, clarified butter and other substances are poured into the fire as offerings to God, accompanied by Mantras, usually starting with Om and ending in Svaha. Sat-Karma-Dipika says that in Purnahuti, the fire is called Mirtha; In Shanti-Kriya, Varada; In Pushti-Kriya, Balada; In Abhichara, Krodha; In Vashikaran, Kamada;

Astrologer Online has a massive clientage all over the world like Kerala, Karnataka, Bengali, Calcutta, Andhra Pradesh, Haridwar, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh. Many well-known individuals, politicians. He has More than 99.9 % of satisfied clients.

Sai upasak, the best online astrologer in India has a deep understanding & innate talent that lies in the application of astrology and Vaastu to the process of creating inner and outer serenity leading to peace, prosperity & success in individual lives. Astrologers online hold the firm belief that through astrology we can be protected from the odds of life. Utter devotion, Prayers, and Remedies can do Miracles in our lives.

–> Why choose Sai Upasak as the best online astrologer in India!

G.R Shastri Ji is a world-renowned astrologer online who has been providing astrology services in all the major states and cities of the country. He is a very expert with several years of experience in the ancient science of astrology and knows all about related sciences and is also a love marriage specialist and Love problem specialist.”

Being a famous astrologer online means that one has knowledge and experience of every astrological sub-branch. Astrology is a field that is vast enough and there are so many interesting things in the field. A person has to be aware of everything in astrology.

Best Astrologer online Sai Upasak knows and also has experience in this science. Many people today use astrology to consult their problems. There is nothing bad about using astrology for such kinds of problems. Instead, it is the best and easy way to come out of difficult situations.

–> How does online jyothisham work?

1.Star Matching/Nakshatra Porutham- Detailed 10 direct nakshatra porutham with more significance toward rajju and vedha doshas

2.PapaSamyam Analysis- Papa Samya and Graha Dosha correlation

3.Dasha Sandhi Check- Provides dasha sandhi correlation for the couple

4.Kuja Dosha Check- Kuja Dosha Comparison

5.Based on Indian System of Astrology- Horoscope matching in view of customary jathaka porutham standards

6.Instant forecasts – Jathaka porutham results conveyed immediately

 Basic knowledge of online jyothisham to our readers! 

Before embarking on matching of horoscopes, the main task before an astrologer is to first satisfy himself that he has got correct astrological charts based on the correct date, time and place of birth that the client has provided.

Once he has got these, he should ascertain whether the charts have been correctly cast with a standard ephemeris or panchanga or an accurate computer generated chart.

Sometimes charts are manipulated by both parties to avoid possible afflictions.

It is also found that when the birth takes place after 12 o’clock in the night, the date of birth is recorded as the next day following the British method. But in the Indian system the reckoning of day is from sunrise to sunrise.

This creates a lot of problems and the chart so framed could be wrong. So, it is better to ascertain the correctness of the horoscopes of the bride and the groom after getting the data verified with a standard ephemeris and then proceed.

Sometimes, the nakshatras are deliberately given wrong in order to avoid the dosham attached to it. Only after ascertaining the above, the astrologer should proceed to the horoscope matching

The most important points to be considered first During online jyothisham are:

  1. The suitability of the stars, i.e. constellations
  2. The positions of Lagna and rashis in both
  3. The longevity of the bride and bridegroom
  4. The larger strength of the 7th and 8th houses
  5. The strength of the putra bhava

But as per observation, it has been noticed that the strength of the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th and 12th houses is also to be seen as these too have a bearing on happy married life.

The 2nd house represents kutumba-sthana i.e. family and financial stability, 4th house represents general happiness and relation with in-laws, 6th rajasthan, i.e. health, 9th bhagya sthana and the 12th bed comforts.

It has been found from experience that there is a difference in birth times for those born in maternity homes, government hospitals etc and this has to be carefully checked out as the Lagna and the 10th house do not match.

In such cases, the astrologers should apply the birth time rectification appropriately in the charts so that the correctness of the moon and the lagna can be ascertained, or else there will be differences in the dasas and antardashas and also the strength of the Lagna. In Caesarean operation births also, one has to be quite sure about the timing. Nowadays the caesarean operations are becoming the order of the day.

Some people resort to these births to have the birth of their progeny under an auspicious constellation. Thus the casting of the horoscope has to be done very carefully, and this can be done only by an experienced astrologer.

First, ascertain all this and get a correct chart. And, only after considering the respective strengths of the above houses, can one start the consideration of the 10 poruthams or kutas. Some astrologers just consider this and give their opinion.

This is not the correct approach. Only after considering the above points should the jathaka porutham be taken up to get the overall picture.

So it is advised that the parents consult an experienced astrologer and not any Tom, Dick and Harry who pose as astrologers as the marriages recommended by them may just not take off or end in failure.

Role Of Online Jyothisham In Kundali Milan! 

“Horoscope matching” is not only a difficult task for an astrologer but also an important and onerous one. This is because parents of boys and girls entirely rely on the strength of the astrologers’ verdict and agree for alliance.

As matrimonial alliances have life-long impact, great care and caution must be exercised by the astrologers in the examination of the horoscopes.

If all safeguards and precautions laid down in astrological science are taken care of, there is no chance of an error creeping into the judgement of favouring a match. In that case, there will be no matrimonial disharmony or discordance or marital failures.

Finally, here is a piece of advice for the parents of the boys and girls. It is their duty to consult only experienced and knowledgeable astrologers as otherwise the marriage of their wards may result in a fiasco.

This has been observed in several cases where parents had given wrong information and the marriage failed, bringing doom to the boys and girls and also to the parents.

–> How many types of astrology are there?

Types of jyothisham are used by Sai Upasak to help you to get rid of any kind of dangerous problems which will surely make you choose us as the top astrologers in India!

  • Natal Astrology
  • Electional Astrology{time based actions}
  • Medical Astrology
  • Relationship Astrology
  • Vedic shastra
  • Numerology
  • Vastu-shastra

Types of kundali readings done by sai upasak online astrologers from vedic charts!

Types of Vedic Chart:

A “chart” is prepared based on the information of rasi and the degrees/ houses occupied by all planets.

By determining the rasis occupied by all planets, upagrahas, Lagna, and special lagnas in the 12 Rasis.

Method of drawing charts:

  • South Indian style chart ruled by Jupiter
  • North Indian style diamond chart ruled by Venus and
  • East Indian style Sun chart ruled by Sun.

Characteristics of Chart Types

Bhaava Lagna- Bhaava Lagna is at the position of the Sun at the time of sunrise and moves at the rate of one rasi per 2 hours.

Hora Lagna- Hora Lagna is at the position of the Sun at the time of sunrise and moves at the rate of one rasi per hour.

Ghati Lagna- Ghati Lagna is at the position of the Sun at the time of sunrise and moves at the rate of one rasi per ghati or 24 minutes.

Application of Special Lagnas- Normal Lagna shows itself. Hora Lagna shows self, from the point of view of money, wealth, and prosperity. Ghati Lagna shows self, from the point of view of fame, power and authority.

Sree Lagna – Sree means Lakshmi and goddess of wealth and is important for prosperity

–> Can you trust an astrologer online?

Pandit G.R Shastri is a prestigious and the most well known Indian astrologer online who is counselled by individuals all over the globe. His customer base incorporates renowned characters, professional producers, and numerous others from various different backgrounds. He has utilised his intrinsic ability and information to alleviate many individuals to get them out of unpleasant circumstances and lead effectively.

Pandit G.R Shastri’s ability in Online astrology has finished in his directing broad examination on Numerology, Palm Reading, Face Reading, Reuniting sweethearts, Black Magic evacuation, Evils issue expulsion, gemstone solution for karma and Business, and so forth. His works and activities are made accessible among the general population in numerous ways as his range is spread around the world.

You can fix direct eye to eye meetings with G.R Shastri, You simply need to book an arrangement by approaching the portable number +91-8073286312. Booking timings are for 24X7. 

Telephonic consultation and Whatsapp visit are likewise accessible for those clients who can’t come for individual gatherings. You can likewise reach us on Whatsapp and take the consultation at any helpful time!

–> Are online kundali exact?

Truth be told, not many locales are dependable with regards to online horoscopes. So either the individual should be adequately talented to comprehend on the off chance that the readings are exact or not! In the event that not, observe a real online astrology website.

On the off chance that the individual doesn’t know about how astrology functions it’s generally prescribed to visit believed astrology locales after a decent exploration on it and counsel an astrologer who can decipher the horoscope precisely and detailedly.

Locals which produce horoscopes in a split second can have blunders as it’s based on codes and calculations. It can decipher wrong data and the individual would feel terrible and crushed by its predictions. So know and be cautious on which source you pick.

–> Do Online Astrologers Offer Kundali Matching Services?

Indeed there are numerous online destinations and individual astrologers who are found across india. They offer different types of assistance relying upon the requirements of a person.

One can likewise observe locales connected with a solitary assistance which can be bought in after free preliminary and month to month horoscopes/matching reports can be benefited .

It’s recommended not to utilise horoscope producing destinations as they can utilise your delicate data for remarketing.

Furthermore, more often than not these locales will not create precise horoscope reports. This is generally encouraged to meet a neighbourhood decent astrologer who’s close by your area.

Simply ensure you have a record verification on the astrologer earlier counselling which can help you in finding on the off chance that the astrologer is educated or not!

Most favoured online astrology administrations which can be effortlessly done through telephone!

–> How might I converse with astrologers for free?

Free astrology predictions – might we at any point have confidence in them?

“Nothing comes for free.” You can’t design your future on these free astrology predictions or updates which you get in mail. They, notwithstanding, have great diversion esteem, however it only occasionally works out.

–> Could we at any point track down a free online astrologer?

Is it conceivable to get a free astrology consultation by an astrologer online?

It is an instrument utilised by numerous sites to pull traffic, however as I have said, these predictions don’t work out as they don’t have a substantial base for any computation, yet they get arbitrarily pulled from a motorised pool.

Along these lines, kindly don’t trust them for going with significant choices in your day to day existence.

There are locales which give you free consultation interestingly. A charge must be paid as a membership or you can likewise find destinations where you can really have a consultation with an astrologer by paying 1 rupees.

It’s truly difficult to track down an astrologer for free. In the event that you view as one, you’re fortunate!

–> Will my own data be secret?

In Sai Upasak Best Online Astrologer In India, our guruji is exceptionally severe on a singular’s subtleties. Not a solitary information of clients is put away in a document.

Indeed, even on sites when a singular offers their data in horoscope box or whatsapp, mail isn’t put away for over seven days! No kind of reinforcement is done to store any information about our client.

In any event, during consultation nobody is permitted to remain in office. Just guruji handles each data of the client and he ensures that it isn’t talked about with anybody including their relatives.

Our G.R Shastri Ji maintains that each client should feel free and agreeable while sharing any private information on their life. Guruji establishes a protected climate where one can offer their viewpoint and get the best counsel to improve their life.

Our main objective is to make you grin toward the day’s end with next to no second thoughts!

–> As Sai upasak astrology is situated in Bengaluru, how might individuals from different parts of the nation connect with us to look for cures and visionary directions?

G.R Shastri ji: Geographical limits don’t tie my insight. Despite the fact that I am situated in Bengaluru, my visionary consultations with individuals range from different social orders in India and abroad.

Individuals can straightforwardly contact us by dialling 8073286312, or they can Google my site name – Sai upasak best astrologer in Bangalore – and contact me through my online entertainment handles on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @saiupasakastrology.

Predictions and astrology remain inseparable. It requires a point by point study and research to anticipate the future as it depends on difficult work and skill.

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