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G.R Shastri Ji Started Learning Vedic Astrology & Numerology At the Age Of 15. While Practising Numerology He Was Interested In Nadi & Vedic Rituals Which Made Him Travel Through Kerala, Varanasi, Assam, Nepal, Manipur, and Tamil-Nadu.

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“If One Has The Strength To Stand Still Against The Odds Even Fate Will Support Them’’ – G.R Shastri

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Getting answer to your question by expert astrologer has never been this easy and cost effective.


High Level Accuracy.


Highly Experienced Astrologer.


Effective remedial suggestions.


Post consultation support is always available

Get A Detailed Analysis For 1 question At Rs 599. Get A Complete Life Analysis For Rs 2000.

Charges only applicable within India*

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Legal dispute Problem Solution

Is it true or not that you are dealing with issues with long forthcoming legal disputes? Or on the other hand, have your life turned into a wreck with a loosened up legal dispute?

On the off chance that your response is true, you want an answer promptly.

The answer to the Husband/Wife Problem

For any sort of Husband spouse issue, you can now utilise Best Astrologer In Hyderabad, which is the most ideal way of settling all questions among couples and bringing love into their lives.

Settling Family Issues

These days, the most widely recognized issue is a family-related issue. Individuals have less persistence to pay attention to somebody, which is the fundamental driver of conflict. For this situation, soothsaying will prove to be useful.

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Sai Upasak famous astrologer in telangana believes that the science of Astrology, Vaastu, and Numerology should be highly valued and divine, and he has been working tirelessly to keep the atmosphere clean in the profession by providing simple and best practices, rather than extracting large sums of money or scaring people with unnecessary activities.

In the past 50 years, G.R Shastri Ji has written more than 480 articles covering various aspects of ASTROLOGY, VASTU, NUMEROLOGY, and subjects associated with them.

–> How do I find the best astrologer in Hyderabad?

Selecting an astrologer is difficult, but not impossible. Please check the prediction ability and client reviews ahead of time.

–> What are the most common problems that an astrologer solves?

Marriage matching, marriage compatibility check, career astrology advice, health astrology report, psychology of the person, job, current life problems, love astrology, and Vaastu advice are all available.

–> How much does it cost to consult the Best Astrologer in Hyderabad?

The consulting fee is Rs. 2000. It would differ depending on the geographic location of international clients.

Typically, astrologers consider their experience, track record of successful clients, the system they use to predict the future, and the time available for consultation.

–> How long is an astrology consultation?

It takes between 1 and 2 hours. depending upon the session. Most astrologers charge a per-minute tariff for one question.

–> Can we trust an Online Astrology consultation? 

It depends on the astrologer you choose. Most commercial, result-driven astrologers now provide online consultation due to the convenience of time and place, So choose wisely.

–> What if you don’t have birth details?

Date of birth, Time of birth, and place of birth are mandatory to know astrology through Vedic, KP system, and other traditional forms. But an astrology reading is a more divine and instinct-driven method of predicting the future. So check this with the astrologer before consulting.

–> What is the birth time rectification method?

For those, who have birth details but the readings are inaccurate then they cross-check with the birth details. There is a slight variation for the actual birth time than the one provided. So in this case birth time will be rectified for three minutes as per the system.

Numerology Solution

Our numerologist is known to be profoundly shrewd, yet refreshingly pragmatic and practical. Best Astrologer In Hyderabad shows you how numbers work in all aspects of your life so that you feel their energy, you sense their presence, you gain a more prominent comprehension of your conditions and examples that might be keeping you down, and an unmistakable feeling of the choices and potential outcomes that lie before you.

Numerology and karma have made central east nations and their rich way of life Which you see now!

You can figure out where you are in your ever-evolving cycles and gain an internal compass as you take a gander at where you are going. Visit us now to take a look at your numbers with Vedic Astrology and science. unfurl your karma with the right work and methodology!

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is one of the significant organs of Indian astrology and Vedic sacred writings. In the old legacy of India, Hindu temples and houses were based on an engineering premise. The equivalent is as yet the standard today.

The predominant Vastu Shastra is additionally utilised in the development of routes, vehicles, and seating. Development, length – width, level, surface, variety, development of light, materials utilised in development | Tithi to be fabricated – a week after week There are many themes canvassed in Vastu Shastra.

Vastu is the importance of ‘Vastu’ which means to reside in the house. In Parliament, ‘Vastu’ signifies any resolute item, product, things, riches, property, or actual article.

Vastu has generally been the focal point of the Agama Law. Here is the Vastu Purusha Mandala, a significant piece of Vastu Shastra. He made the Vastu Mandala in light of bearings, and today ‘design’ is very famous as it is utilised all over the place, remembering for the development of houses and current structures.

Endlessly constructed in view of appropriate direction and design standards, it upgrades satisfaction, harmony, serenity, wellbeing, riches, and prosperity. The Invisible Crystal gives nitty-gritty data on Indian soothsaying, Ayurveda precious stones, and their purposes. There are many kinds of gems. Navaratnas have a unique spot in them.

There are various kinds of precious stones accessible, and assuming you wear fitting gems in view of the horoscopes and figures of people, achievement, and achievement can be accomplished.

We Indians follow the Vastu shastra from our antiquated ages. Soothsaying(Astrology) and Vastu shastra are like air and water. Best Vastu Tips for home from a decent Vastu specialist can make changes in your home and life. We accept Vastu helps in bringing positive energies.

Vastu tips can be followed while developing the home or office as well as though the structure is now built compelling reasons need to stress, simply need basic hints which can have a major effect in one’s life.

–> Have you or any of your relatives felt low with no real excuse?

Energies and energies from various angles around us make this inclination.

That viewpoint might be a basic divider variety painted on the dividers of your home or a straightforward article on the divider like the photograph.

Allow us to see which tone and articles supplement the divider that lies in the Northeast heading to give great energy and joy.

The Northeast divider in our home or office assumes a significant part to bring great energies.

The articles that work out in a good way on the Northeast divider are

  • Clock
  • Photograph of God
  • Things with water
  • Pictures with Squirrels, and so forth.

The shade of the wall on the upper east ought to be plain white or daylight tone, these varieties help in making positive energies in the home.

You can notice these energies working with tackling the issues connected with spouse-wife battles or childlessness.

Importance of Cardinal directions

Simple Vastu Tips / By Sai Upasak Astrology

The Vastu shastra is a vital stream of soothsaying. We Indians impact Vastu shastra consequently most Indians assemble their home or office as per Vastu shastra.

Putting the correct bearing is extremely fundamental in Vastu shastra. Subsequently understanding the cardinal bearings and their importance is basic.

The vitally cardinal headings or focuses and their indications are North (N), East (E), South (S), West (W)

The intercardinal also called the intermediate directions are

  • Northeast (NE)
  • Southeast (SE)
  • Southwest (SW), and
  • Northwest (NW).

Further, these eight directions are compounded and are known as intercardinal direction

  • North-northeast (NNE)
  • East- northeast (ENE)
  • East -southeast (ESE), etc

It is vital to know the meaning of every one of these cardinal headings, knowing which bearing will bring about what? What is the significant distinction between these? Is significant.

Here let us in on the distinctions between East-upper east and North – upper east

Individuals generally get befuddled between East-upper east and north-upper east.

East-upper east shows the children of the family gain the name, and popularity and make progress while north-upper east demonstrates the development of the senior child or the proprietor of the family. They have great raj yoga.

Straightforward wellbeing tips: Dill leaves medical advantages

Straightforward Health Tips/By SAI UPASAK ASTROLOGY

We Indians have numerous choices in food to fabricate our invulnerability. It is recommended to keep away from counterfeit medication and instil great food propensities and use the sustenance from normal food. Dill is one of the most outstanding verdant vegetables and has numerous medical advantages.

Dill leaves are known as Sabbasige soppu in Kannada, so-Kura in Telugu, soa in Panjabi, shop in Marathi, and Konkani are plentiful in cancer prevention agents and a decent wellspring of L-ascorbic acid, Vitamin A, and magnesium.

Dill leaves medical advantages including

  • Assurance against coronary illness and disease.
  • Assists with forestalling cramps during periods.
  • Bring down the glucose levels.
  • Works on bone wellbeing.
  • Helps heartburn
  • Helps in mitigating rest

“Arogyave Bhagya”

This implies Health is abundance, well-being is everything.

Assuming that we are alive today, we can accomplish everything under the sun, subsequently, it is vital to keep up with great well-being.


Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are called Navagrahas in Indian astrology.  The astrology system is based on the motion and effects of these caves in space.  Each planet represents its characteristics, forms, and personalities.  By comparing them with the time of the person’s birth, Tithi, and the stars, the effects of the planets are known.

Navagrahas and the Qualities of Nature

 The Navagraha are generally given the three qualities as follows:




Sun, Moon and Jupiter


Mercury and Venus 


Mars and Saturn ( also Rahu and Ketu)

Elements of Navagraha

The traditional association of elements and navagraha in Vedic Astrology are as follows: 






Satrun and Rahu


Sun, Mars and Ketu


Moon and Venus



Navagraha Natures – Benefic and Malefic

In Vedic Astrology navagraha give the results depending upon the benefic and malefic nature. The nature or prakriti of navagraha is as follows:



Greater Benefic


Lesser Benefic


General Benefic

Moon and Mercury

Greater Malefic

Saturn and Rahu

Lesser Malefic

Mars and Ketu

Greater Malefic


 Delay In Marriage Solutions

Marriage is such a pivotal event in one’s life that it leaves one feeling incomplete without it. However, marriage is not in everyone’s plans. However, it is also vital to discuss the astrological aspect of the situation. 

In a country where marriage is regarded as a religious ceremony and pre-marriage matching is required, it is critical to address the astrological causes and solutions for the rise in the number of single individuals and to use astrology to boost the possibilities of early marriage in your horoscope.

Simple and felt solutions for eliminating marriage obstructions Remedy

Utilising turmeric- Eligible individuals ought to clean up each Thursday by adding a spot of turmeric to the washing water for early marriage. Eating saffron in the food builds the possibility of getting hitched soon.

Wearing yellow garments – Such an individual ought to continuously wear any one yellow fabric on the body.

Regarding the old The individual who takes the cure ought to never affront the older folks and seniors.

Giving Bread to Cow – The people who wish for early marriage ought to take care of the cow on Thursday with a little turmeric on two flour pedis and alongside it, offering a little jaggery and yellow gram to the cow is thought of as favourable.

Early marriage analyse –  Aside from this, an investigation should likewise be possible on early marriage. This investigation is performed on the primary Thursday of Shukla Paksha. 

In this examination, five kinds of desserts, a couple of green cardamoms, and water ought to be presented with a light of unadulterated ghee on Thursday evening. This analysis ought to be done on three continuous Thursdays.

Tree on Love of Banana Tree – On Thursday, a light of unadulterated ghee ought to be lit before the banana Thursday and water ought to likewise be advertised.

Cure from dry coconut – As another cure, nothing is taken afternoon on Monday, even water isn’t taken for this cure. To do this cure, take a dry coconut the following day on Tuesday morning at the crack of dawn, and make a one-inch long opening in the dried coconut with the assistance of a blade. Presently fill the coconut by blending 300 grams of board (sugar powder) and Panchmeva of Rs.11 in this opening. In the wake of accomplishing this work, cover this coconut under the Peepal tree and cover it. After this, fill the pit with soil and put a stone on it. By doing this activity persistently for 7 Tuesdays, the individual gets the advantage. It is to be noticed that nothing is to be taken after midnight on Monday.

To get an appropriate a couple, do this cure once for

Manglik Yoga –

If somebody’s marriage is absurd because of Manglik Yoga or horoscope, then such an individual ought to recount Chandika Stotra on Tuesday and Saturday and Tuesday. One ought to recount Sundar Kand. This additionally decreases the obstructions in the method of marriage.

Laying down with immaculate head – attained facing

This cure ought to be finished by those people who have the period of marriage yet are deterrents to the fulfilment of the marriage. To do this cure, on Friday night, bubble eight unsweetened water in water and keep it by the head at your resting place and rest on Saturday morning in the wake of washing up in any running water.

Kanya ought to discuss Katyayani Mantra –

If there is a steady hindrance in the marriage of the young lady, then, at that point, that young lady ought to recite Goddess Katyayani Mantra multiple times in a day. This mantra is as per the following…

Om Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayogini Adhiswara. Nand Gopa Sutam Devi Patin Me Kurute Namah

Astro Remedies for a Happy Marriage-

A weak Mars i. e. Mangal is one of the causes of discord between a couple. To strengthen this planet and to avoid problems in marriage due to it, one should chant 

‘Om ang angarakaya namaha’, during the beginning of ShuklaPaksha and make sure you keep a Sandalwood Rosary in hand.

Plant A Peepal Tree

The prospective bride and groom should each plant a Peepal tree and water it for 11 days to enjoy a happy future with their spouse.

Light a Candle/Lamp On South East Wall

The boy and the girl should light a candle or an earthen lamp (diya) on the southeast wall of their homes. They should do it in the morning as well as in the evening to establish happiness and love in their future married life.

Do Charity on the Day Of Your Marriage

The bride, as well as the groom, should donate 7 types of grains, coconut, food, and red cloth to 8 girls separately on the day of their marriage. The couple is blessed with love, happiness, and fortune.

Offer Prayers To the Sun

The boy or the groom should worship the Sun daily and devotedly. He should offer water mixed with sugar, roll, rice, and red flowers to the Sun every morning and pray for a happy married life.

Get Rid Of Vaani Dosh

The bride or the girl must get rid of Vaani Dosh, if present, completely before getting married. The most effective remedy that can help one nullify the effect of this dosha is Energise a Cowrie Shell by reciting 1008 mantras of Goddess Saraswati and then wear this shell around your neck as a pendant, preferably in a silver chain.

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–> What is bandhana yoga? Prison yog causes and cure!

Bandhana Yoga, the possibility of going to Jail or Imprisonment in Vedic Astrology is chiefly because of a gravely positioned Rahu. Mars demonstrates Police and cops. Rahu controls Jails, shelters, morgues, pathology labs, and so forth.

If Lagna (Ascendant) master and sixth house ruler are conjunct in a Kendra (1,4,7,10 houses) or triton (1,5,9 houses) with Saturn and either Rahu or Ketu, the above Bandhana Yoga will be framed in an individual’s horoscope.

On the off chance that the above rule is applied from Moon’s sign, Mental Imprisonment can occur. Locals can decide to seclude themselves from society and stay inside four dividers.

Not many of them can become insane and disengage from the ordinary world.

This likewise applies to Seers and Monks who choose to break free from the materialistic world and look for profound advancement in isolation.

Additionally, malefic planets put in the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses from Ascendant can send the individuals to jail.

The sixth house is an illness or inconvenience from Law Enforcement. The eighth house shows the danger and the twelfth house demonstrates genuine detainment.

Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars are essentially liable for causing Bandhana Yoga.

Some other planets conjunct these 4 malefic in 2,5,6,8,9,12 houses can experience the ill effects of bandhani yoga as indicated by the idea of those planets. These four malefic planets (Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars) cause the 4 sorts of bandha yoga.

Four Types of Bandhana Yoga

Ari Bandhana Yoga: 

Saturn (Sani) causes Ari Bandhana Yoga, which is an aftereffect of prarabdha karma carried over from earlier lives.

Locals may have been hated in a previous life(lives), which can cause significant grief, endurance, and discouragement.

In their current life, they are besieged by foes and may even suffer the consequences of an infection or a physical deformity.

Typically, their detention arises as a result of the poor organisation they choose. People that indulge in drug trafficking, mafia, burglary, liquor addiction, and infidelity with their friends are more likely to be discovered and end up in prison.

Vir Bandhana Yoga:

This is caused by Mars (Kuja or Mangal) and is the result of fighting in the conflict, being captured by adversaries, and so on.

Individuals who participate in nationwide conflicts, road battles, illegal intimidation, Naxalism, and horde battles against police are typically apprehended and imprisoned.

Furthermore, Mars is responsible for people being apprehended for wrongdoings such as homicide, assault, non-payment of credits or assessment collar scarce offences, cybercrime, cheating, land issues, and so on.

They try to put on a brave face while in conflict with the law, but they are eventually apprehended.

Naga Bandhana Yoga

Rahu causes Naga Bandhana Yoga, which is the result of a culpable person out in the open or on the internet, promoting strict disdain or contempt.

Naga Bandhana Yoga:

This is brought about by Rahu and is a consequence of culpable somebody out in the open or internet, advancing strict disdain or prejudice, Mafia, drugs, bombarding cities, illegal mining, massive amounts of unaccounted cash, and so on. In general, they begin as losers and progress to a powerful position by defying the law, only to end up in prison or hiding underground.

Dawood Ibrahim is one such model who will never be able to live in public again. This is the result of dark sorcery, black magic performed on others by them in previous lives, which backfired on them in this life.

Ahi Bandhana Yoga:

This is brought about by Ketu and is a consequence of unbelievable unusual violations.

They are typically casualties of their covetousness and offences. Ketu is headless, which demonstrates locals engaging in brainless exercises to get found out.

Reasons can be senseless yet wrongdoing will be serious.

Bandhana Yoga or Imprisonment in K.P (Krishnamurti Paddhati)sub landowner of the first house means twelfth house, there is a risk of detainment.

Local favours disconnection, visits unfrequented spots, will be keen on the mysterious, face deterrents.

They can be casualties of cheating, cheating, injustice, or connivance.

If the sub ruler of the second house connotes the 12th house the ocean, the locals can work either in a sanitorium, bazaar, shelter, clinic, or prison reluctantly.

Their psyche and body will feel detained.

If the sub-master of the fourth house means the twelfth house, the local is a casualty of misrepresentation or cheating, regularly hospitalised, can confront house capture, harmed, jailed.sub landowner of the sixth house in the second or fourth house and distressed by Saturn, there will be a risk of food poisoning.

the sub-property manager of the sixth house in the first house and tormented by Mars, a similar outcome can be seen.

sub landowner of the seventh house implies the twelfth house, locals will be let somewhere near their kin. Adversaries will acquire power and edge locals into connivance.

On the off chance that the seventh sub-master is distressed by malefic planets, locals will be captured for sexual violations.

Assuming the sub ruler of the eighth house implies the twelfth house, the local loses cases and will be feeling the squeeze and mental anguish.

If the eighth cusp sub-master Rahu is in the twelfth house, the locals can bite the dust in jail. Assuming that the sub ruler of the ninth house connotes the eighth house, the locals can confront inconvenience while heading out to outside nations. Can be confined or captured in different nations.

Assuming that the sub-master of the tenth house means the twelfth house, the local can acquire by pirating or having tremendous measures of unaccounted cash.

This can prompt legitimate confusion if the planet is distressed by Nodes (Rahu or Ketu).sub landowner of the eleventh house implies the twelfth house, and companions can cheat and approach the locals. Can decide to be in isolation or give up themselves to the police.

Assuming the sub-master of the twelfth house implies the seventh house, the local’s mysterious exercises will be uncovered and the accomplice can drag them to court.

All legal disputes and questions will be gotten comfortable with the adversary’s approval.

If the sub ruler of the twelfth house connotes the twelfth house itself, the local decides to stay secluded from society.

Sub ruler of seventh House Placement and Results

Sub ruler of the seventh cusp, its connection with other meanings, and Results in Krishnamurti Paddhati

Marriage: – If the sub ruler of the seventh cusp connotes the second seventh and eleventh and associated (connotation) with incurred VENUS, one’s marriage is guaranteed and the equivalent fructify during the conjoining time of second seventh, and eleventh house significators.

Marriage is halted: – If the seventh cusp sub-master is the significator to the first sixth or tenth or twelfth one marriage won’t occur with the party being referred to. For this, the place of Venus in the outline is to be examined.

Soul mate or colleague: – If the seventh cusp sub ruler is in the star of a planet that means the sixth and twelfth the organisations will break. On the off chance that it means the eleventh, you can have a colleague. If it means fifth and eleventh, there will be an extremely durable bind with the accomplice, and assuming it implies the fifth, eighth, and twelfth, your accomplice will be benefited and you stand to lose a lot.

Strong rival or accomplice: – If the seventh cusp sub-master is himself a significator to the seventh, eighth, twelfth, and fifth, the adversary is exceptionally strong in varying backgrounds and you will twist your head before that person.

On the off chance that the seventh cusp sub ruler implies 2-7-eleventh houses and the individual with such Ruling Planets, for example, the significators to 2-7-11 one will wed a rich kid or a rich young lady for a cheerful wedded life. Assuming it implies the first sixth tenth, one may not go under the happy marriage.

–> Will marriage take place between A and B?

For such a question go for a horary graph. Request that they give numbers somewhere in the range of 1 and 249. Assuming that Moon is set at the time question in any of the houses third or fifth or seventh or tenth or eleventh from the Horary Lagna for the number given, and on the off chance that Moon gets advantageous perspective, for example, fifth or ninth from JUPITER with valuable meanings in the graph, marriage will positively occur between An and B. In the event that Saturn is associated with the abovementioned, there will be a few postponements and no forswearing.

Assuming the seventh cusp in a graph is Venus or Jupiter and in the event that they connote second and eleventh, he has an extremely blissful hitched life.

Assuming the seventh cusp sub is Sun, no delight; gives disturbance.

On the Moon, it is extremely wonderful. On the off chance that it is, Mars makes senseless squabbles and disappointment.

On the off chance that Mercury one appreciates it ordinarily. Assuming Jupiter is exceptionally wonderful.

Assuming Venus comes as the seventh cusp, the sub-master gives outrageous joy during intercourse.

Assuming it is Saturn one feels disappointment with his significant other during intercourse.

Assuming Rahu or Ketu comes it needs to offer the outcomes as per the hint ruler they possess issue with regards to the Partners Reproduction.

–> Wherefrom the lady of the hour or lucky man comes: –

If the seventh cusp sub ruler is in the star of a planet meaning fourth and tenth the accomplice will be the one residing in a similar house, or same road. Assuming it means the third house the accomplice perhaps is a cousin or a neighbour. Assuming that it means the Lagna, it shows a similar town or the town. On the off chance that connotes the eleventh, it could be from a companion’s loved ones. Assuming it means the second and ninth, it will be an adoration marriage or an outsider.

Double Marriage: – If the seventh cusp sub ruler is Mercury or any planet possessing a double sign, or any planet in the star of Mercury and involving a double sign being the sub-master of the seventh cusp sub-master, with second and eleventh house implications

Criminal: – the seventh house demonstrates the hoodlum. In the event that the sub-master of the seventh is Mercury, he is a youngster. Venus is energetic and a female. Assuming Mars is loaded with age. Jupiter tells a moderately aged individual. The Sun shows a youngster and assuming that it is Saturn, it says an old individual. The sex of the hoodlum is not entirely settled through the sex of the planet that is figured as the sub-master of the seventh cusp.

For cheerful Married life: – If the seventh cusp sub-master is either Venus or Jupiter and assuming they imply the second and eleventh, an exceptionally blissful conjugal life is guaranteed. Assuming the seventh cusp sub ruler is Saturn, the spouse will be a mature individual, that is the age distinction will be excessive. Assuming it is Jupiter or Venus or Sun, there will be a legitimate age distinction. On the off chance that the Moon or Mercury or Mars, the age contrast might be very little, or equivalent, or once in a while be a more youthful one to the lady. On the off chance that Rahu or Ketu is the seventh sub-master, they might be perused by the sign involving them.

The seventh cusp indicates an astrologer’s expectation. To figure out your future and counsel an astrologer, assuming your seventh cusp sub ruler is a quick planet like Moon, Mercury, or Venus, the crystal gazer will foresee right away. On the off chance that they are sluggish planets, there will be a postponement in the investigation of the issue.

Colleague: – The seventh cusp shows it. Assuming that the sub ruler of the seventh cusp is Mercury, it shows more than one accomplice. In the event that means the eleventh, there will be a solid tie of association and whenever associated with VENUS through the development, there will be a genial relationship.

–> Could I at any point do Business? 

For carrying on with work consider the houses 1st 2nd 7th 10th and the 11th. These houses should be solid and liberated from underhanded angles. To be clear in this matter the inhabitants in the seventh ought to be associated with the second tenth and eleventh houses for always developing business.

Assuming they are associated with fourth, eighth, and fifth, there will be a misfortune. The third house is additionally to be considered because it demonstrates fortitude, assurance, and brain to confront any misfortune or afflictions. The principal house is the tenth cusp (M.C.) and the sub ruler of that house demonstrates one’s calling as per K.P.

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