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ॐ सर्वदेवाय रूपाय नम:

‘ॐ भूर्भव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्।’

Welcome to Sai Upasak Astrology, the Best Dharmic & Vedic Astrologer, Relationship Counselor, Black Magic Specialist, Mind Healer, Numerologist, Vaidic Jyotish & Vasthu Shastra  Expert Since 1980!
Pandit G.R Shastri One of the Most Trusted & Reputed Best Astrologers in Bangalore with Over 50 Years of Experience in Jyotish!

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Pandit G.R Shastri A Pioneer, Prodigy & Founder Of Sai Upasak Astrologer In India Has Always Worked For The Welfare Of His Beloved Clients. No Matter What Problems Or Phase One Goes Through., our astrologer in India Supports Them & Makes Sure They Are Not Worried Anymore About It.

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G.R Shastri Ji Started Learning Vedic Astrology & Numerology At the Age Of 15. While Practising Numerology He Was Interested In Nadi & Vedic Rituals Which Made Him Travel Through Kerala, Varanasi, Assam, Nepal, Manipur, and Tamil-Nadu.

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His Experience And Art Of Vedic Rituals Is Still Appraised And Used In Various Ancient Powerful Temples Of India.

Best Astrologer Shastri Ji Has Always Been Curious About Planets & Its Effects On Individuals. His Knowledge In Maths, Astronomics & Time Helps In Predicting Karma & Future Deeds Of An Individual With 99% Accuracy.

With Over 50 Years of Experience, Shastri Ji Has Researched, Experimented, Drafted, and Predicted Over 2L+ Horoscopes Accurately  Throughout Various Countries Of Various Individuals. This Makes Us Proud That Best Astrologer G.R Shastri JI Has Dedicated So Much Of His Life For The Welfare Of Many People.

“If One Has The Strength To Stand Still Against The Odds Even Fate Will Support Them’’ – G.R Shastri

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Ask your questions regarding career, health, Mental Wellbeing, marriage, business, children, relationships, or any other area of life. With over 50 years of experience and successful guidance., get answers with a high level of accuracy and effective remedial measures from our Dharmic Astrologer, Pt. G.R Shastri.


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Ask your Question Now!

Getting answer to your question by expert astrologer has never been this easy and cost effective.


High Level Accuracy.


Highly Experienced Astrologer.


Effective remedial suggestions.


Post consultation support is always available

Get A Detailed Analysis For 1 question At Rs 599. Get A Complete Life Analysis For Rs 2000.

Charges only applicable within India*

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–> What can we expect during the consultation with sai upasak astrology?

Get all answers to any problems which are bothering you and your family. Call us today for genuine advice on any decisions. 

With over 50 Year’s Experience, Guruji provides you with the most effective results! Call us Now!

Understand how u can come over to any obstacles with just 1 consultation from your G.R Shastri Ji.

–> Does anyone find Sai Upasak Astrology Predictions & solutions Accurate?

Sai upasak astrology was established in 1980! Since then G.R Shastri Ji has provided helpful advice, solutions & on-time results. One can always ask any number of questions to see how knowledgeable your Sai Upasak Guruji is.

–> How to choose the best astrologer?

If you searching for a renowned astrologer? You are in the proper location. For more than 50 years, Sai Upasak Astrology has offered customers various types of astrological services while maintaining complete anonymity.

Our Guruji knowledge is incredibly potent and extends beyond Vedic astrology to include numerology, Vastu sastra, marriage compatibility, and more.

Make a wise choice by reading up on the astrologer.

Consult a renowned astrologer to find solutions to a variety of pressing problems that frequently interfere with our daily lives. Look up the feedback from previous clients.

–> What Are the Benefits of Astrology? Why Should You Get Your Horoscope Checked!

Astrology is not a weak subject but it is a very strong subject. The aspects of astrology are used in our day-to-day life. You might see in Vedic culture a person with a black thread around its neck or its palm; this type of thread is used to cast away any type of evil eye.

Astrology helps in predicting dreams, creating a life you wish for.

If you want complete benefits of astrology then you should only trust the experienced Guru in it and that is only the Best Astrologer in Bangalore Pandit G.R Shastri Ji.

Sai Upasak Best Astrologer in Bangalore is one of the most known and knowledgeable astrologers who can solve all types of personal and professional problems.


  • Create a Fortune with Help of Astrology & Luck
  • Avoid Investments During Bad Dasa or Period
  • Find a Partner Who’s Compatible with Your Kundali
  • Gemstones & Numerology for Business Prosperity
  • Vaastu Shastra To Remove Negativity in Home.
  • –> How The Astrologer In Bangalore Portrays Our Accurate Future.

    Having an insight into someone’s future is not a petty thing but one should have a good eye and a lot of knowledge about astrology which holds the power to create a successful life.

    Pandit G.R Shastri Ji is not just capable of knowing the future but also has a good and strong intuitive power. This intuition helps in giving the future details of a person that is facing problems. When nothing else helps then astrology remedies are very helpful and are very effective that will eliminate your problems.

    You have to trust the solutions of Pandit G.R Shastri Ji as the effective results will work for your prosperous future!

    G.R Shastri Ji Is No.1 Choice When It Comes To Future Prediction!

    Pandit G.R Shastri Ji holds very vast and great knowledge when it comes to astrology. He is not just knowledgeable but also belongs to a family of astrologers and psychics. He is a gifted psychic and tells the correct future of a person. When it comes to problems then there is no such problem that is not solved by him and his astrology remedies. The fruit of knowledge in astrology was given to him by his elders and his forefathers. He was born a gifted psychic with strong intuitive power.

    Your Best Astrologer in Bangalore can read your aura and can tell your problem along with the solution that will eliminate your issue.

    –> How Can We Get In Touch With The Astrologer In Bengaluru?

    Pandit G.R Shastri Ji is not just a great astrologer and a gifted psychic but is also theBest Vashikaran specialist and black magic removal specialist. His spell removal procedure is very appreciable as he gives permanent relief from all types of black magic spells. The Vashikaran spells given by him are also very powerful and useful and work wonders in all aspects.

    If you want to meet him then you can book an appointment with him by placing a call on the number mentioned on the website. You can also email him the queries on his email.

    Best Online Astrologer Bangalore

    Call Sai Upasak Best Online Astrologer In India now for effective solutions to any problems with help of Dharmic Astrology, Numerology, Face Reading, Palmistry, and Vedic Astrology.

    Video & call consultations are available for hassle-free appointments. Complete support during the consultation & solution period. Helpline support is available for existing clients where all your doubts will be clarified. Complete support and guidance are available to everyone and any point in time.

    One call to all solutions-8073286312., schedule an appointment with Best Online Astrologer India now!

    Services Offered by Our Online Astrologer!

    Horoscope matching, personal horoscope, general prediction & advice to any life problem by face reading, palmistry & numerology, gemstones advice, family astrology, relationship counselling, business & career guidance, and love marriage remedy.

    –> Is Everything Not Going Well In Your Family? Consult The Top Astrologer In Bengaluru.

    When some ask you the question of what brings you the most happiness then the first thing that comes to your mind is family. We indeed think about the family first no matter what as we are always concerned about our family first. One small problem in our family can become big in a matter of seconds and this can go up to days.

    You should get a horoscope checked by Pandit G.R Shastri Ji as he is one of the most famous and well-known astrologers who will correctly predict the outcome.

    Make All The Disputes Stop With The Help Of The Famous Astrologer In Bangalore.

    Family is the first and foremost thing in our lives and is known as the backbone. No matter what the problem is with some individual or with the family, it is solved together. But who will solve the problems that are internally faced by the family?

    These problems can be completely solved by Pandit G.R Shastri Ji. He is a great astrologer in Bangalore and a psychic who knows all the aspects of Vedic Shastra. He belongs to a family of astrologers in psychics and has decades of experience in this field.

    The gift of astrology is passed from generation to generation and this is why he is known as one of the most knowledgeable astrologers.

    –> What Are The Problems Are Seen In The Family! What Breaks The Family Apart?

    Many problems are seen and faced by a family. Many potential reasons can increase the tension inside the family.

    These tensions and problems can be personal as well as professional but no matter how hard the problem is, astrology is the only solution that can solve all sorts of problems that are present in the family.

    Some of the reasons that cause a family dispute are::

    • The separation between parents and children; although parents and children have a huge generation gap sometimes the problems are constantly growing
    • A divorce happening in a family is also an essential reason for the dispute.
    • The constant abusive nature of parents towards their children or elders.
    • Financial crisis happening in the family because of loss in business or a pending loan If there is a constant fight between husband and wife all the elders of the family then the problems will surely rise

    –> How Does Sai Upasak Best Astrologer in Bangalore Help in Selecting a Career as Per Your Destiny Number?

    Careers are often selected based on what an individual chooses in 12th and takes it forward as per the marks and subject interest.

    Most of the time the careers are selected as per pay grade, sustainable future, financial & personal growth.

    As there is a competition in major careers one gets into any basic job to satisfy basic needs! Instead, guruji suggests finding a job that doesn’t only fill your basic needs but also helps in a successful future filled with joy.

    Career Astrology Helps in Using Destiny Numbers to Find the Right Suitable Job Which Can Help You Manifest & Fulfil Life Time Goals.

    Selecting a Career Is Very Important in Early Stages of Life as It Helps in Settle with Financial Freedom Benefits! Sadly we find many individuals stuck with jobs that they don’t like and see the career as a burden! So, kindly don’t let that happen anymore. 

    Get the right career advice at the right age for financial freedom.

    Visit Your Sai Upasak Best Astrologer in Bangalore Today to Know More on Destiny Numbers & Successful Career!

    ॐ यक्षाय कुबेराय वैश्रवणाय धनधान्याधिपतये धनधान्यसमृद्धिं मे देहि दापय स्वाहा॥


    There are many people around who are not able to get appropriate results even after a lot of effort. This makes them sad and hopeless And when they are not able to move forward or be successful in their life they get depressed and start taking this as bad luck in their life. After experiencing a barrage of problems and struggles, they completely give up on life!

    At this time when they are unable to find any solution, they start referring to several astrologers to find any solution for their bad luck. But if proper information like birth date, birth time, and birthplace is not given it becomes difficult to predict the correct solution for this problem. Also, in this situation with all incomplete information, it becomes difficult to predict the correct career line for that person.


    Similar is the case of business names. Many people just start with any business name randomly, in the absence of all this information. With the proper calculation of all these factors, astrologers can easily predict which career stream would be the best for you.

    Because their type of business & its brand name does not match properly with their name, they usually start to face heavy losses and suffer serious financial issues.

    –> Health Astrology & social Wellness – What Is Social Wellness?

    It Is About Nurturing Ourselves, Others, and Our Relationships. Social Wellness Consists of Not Only Balancing Our Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health but Also Actively Participating as an Interdependent Piece of the Bigger Puzzle of Humankind.  Thus, Even as We Care About Our Connections, We Also Care About the Greater Good of Society, Including Our Communities and the Environment.

    Practice Self-Care : Finding Balance in Life Can Be Difficult at Times, and We Are Much More Prepared to Deal with Obstacles If We Are in a Good Habit of Practising Self-Care.

    Know Thyself- Get to Know Yourself Identify Your Needs, Preferences, and Values and Communicate Them to the People Around You.

    Don’t Criticise, Judge, or Blame People Can Easily Get Caught Up in Self-Critical Thinking, Which Perpetuates Low Self-Esteem, Contributes to Depression and Anxiety, and Inhibits Social Interaction.

    Rekindle Old Friendships and Nurture Relationships with People Who Are Respectful, Positive, and Supportive No Human Being Is Perfect. Everyone Gets Caught Up in the Challenges of Daily Life at Times and Rekindling Old Relationships That Have Been Positive Ones in the Past Is a Great Way to Strengthen Your Social Support System.

    Maintaining Friendships with Individuals Who Respect, Love and Accept You for Who You Are Is Crucial to Our Social Wellness.

    Cultivating Social Wellness Is Like Keeping a Flower GardenIt Takes Intention, Energy, Time, Care, and Effort—and Is an Ongoing Process That Requires Attention Throughout Our Entire Life. In Gardening, as in Relationships, Providing Protection from Bad Weather and Regularly Weeding Out Negativity Helps to Ensure Continued Growth and Beautiful Blossoms for a Lifetime!

    Childbirth & Astrology The Lagna at the time of conception is called Adana Lagna which rules the sensitive eighth month of pregnancy. If the conception takes place when Adana Lagna is afflicted, it causes miscarriage and severe problems during the pregnancy period.

    The horoscope of both partners should be analysed for couples facing problems in childbirth. The presence of pitta dosha relating to childbirth causes delays and even after medical treatment, the result is negative.

    Call Us Now For Video/Call Appointment For Best Advice = +918073286312

    –> What graha is responsible for pregnancy?

    Astrology is a super science and medical science has its basis in this great science. The strength of the 2nd, 5th, and 10th houses should be analysed. 

    For a male child, the planets – Sun and Jupiter and for a female child, Mercury should be analysed. The persons who have numbers 1 and 3 in their date of birth usually have the blessings of a male child. The presence of numbers 2, 5, and 6 gives daughters. The presence of number 8 shows delays. The presence of 7 and 9 shows caesarian birth or miscarriage.

    The respective months of pregnancy are ruled by different planets and when weak causes problems in and on particular planets. For E.g. The 6th month is ruled by Saturn which when weak will hinder the growth of the child. The sixth month shows the growth of hair, nails, and structure which suffers as a result. The performance of daan and the strengthening of weak planets can help in yielding results.

    Vastu Tip For Pregnant Women 

    Ladies who are expecting a baby should avoid bedrooms placed in ese (east-southeast), ssw (south-southwest) and wnw (west-northwest) directions. The position of mars should be checked for avoiding miscarriage and control blood pressure.

    ॐ शिर्डी वासाय विद्महे सच्चिदानंदाय धीमहि तन्नो सांईं प्रचोदयात.

    –> How Can We Meet The Top Astrologer In Bengaluru To Get Rid Of The Family Disputes?

    If you are tired of the disputes in the family and you want a permanent solution then Pandit G.R Shastri Ji is the answer to all your questions. He is the best Vashikaran specialist in Bengaluru and a black magic removal specialist also.

    Book an appointment you can call on the number given on the website and if you have any queries then you can email him on the email ID given on the homepage.

    Get effective astrology solutions and solve disputes with your family.

    In Hinduism, ‘puja’ is an act of reverence offered to God or the divine power, whichever one believes. It is done through invocations, singing bhajans, chanting mantras, and performing sacred rituals. It is a way through which a Hindu makes a divine connection with his/her deity.

    ॐ हौं जूं सः ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृ त्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ॐ स्वः भुवः भूः ॐ सः जूं हौं ॐ।

    India’s No.1 Experienced Astrologer! Get An Online Vedic Astrology Reading With The Web’s Best Vedic Astrologers In India Today! 

    Call Us Or Whatsapp Us:8073286312!

    Mail: [email protected]

    –> Pujas are important events in the lives of Hindu devotees. Even with our fast-paced lives and strict schedules, we try to make time to offer pujas to seek God’s blessings and ensure a prosperous life.

    According to sacred scriptures, the following pujas are believed to carry powerful blessings of Gods and Goddesses; whosoever performs these pujas with pure intention and devotion is believed to have all their desires fulfilled.

    1. Ganesh Puja

    Lord Ganesh is one of the most important deities in Hinduism and no other pooja can be performed without worshipping him first. However, even an exclusive pooja of Lord Ganesh has many amazing benefits for a devotee’s life. Ganesh Pooja ushers in good health, wealth, prosperity, and success.

    2. Lakshmi Puja

    Maa Lakshmi is one of the key forms of Shakti and is widely revered by her devotees. She is one of the Trimurti goddesses of Hinduism, along with Durga and Saraswati. No wonder, Lakshmi Pooja offers many key benefits for a person’s life.

    ॐ श्री गं सौम्याय गणपतये वरवरद सर्वजनं में वशमानय स्वाहा।।

    3. Shani Dev Puja

    The offering of oil to Swayambhu Shanidev at the holy shrine of Shingnapur is the most powerful remedy for Shani Dosha. Devotees from across the nation visit Shanidev’s temple at Shingnapur to perform tel-abhishekam, which also gets rid of bad karmic influences, and marital and personal problems, besides eliminating Shani Dosh.

    4. Parthiv Shivling Puja

    Parthiv Shivling Pooja is a special pooja dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Parthiv Shivling is a Shivling made of mud/sand. As many as 108 Parthi Shivlings are made on the banks of the holy Ganga river, with Abhishek being performed on your behalf. This pooja can be done at the Omkareshwar and Kashi Jyotirlinga temples and has several benefits. It is an effective cure for Grah Dosh, diseases, misfortune, and accidents and reduces stress as well.

    5. Satyanarayan Katha and Havan

    Satyanarayan is one of the most famous forms of Lord Vishnu, who is widely revered by Hindus everywhere. This form of Lord Vishnu is considered the embodiment of truth and is quite famous amongst Vishnu bhaktas. Performing Satyanarayan Pooja during Purnima days is considered particularly auspicious. It helps one become successful in life and improves one’s body and mind.

    6.Hanuman Puja

    Hanumanji is considered an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is also regarded as an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuman Puja is done before sunrise with Hanuman Chalisa Jaap. Performing Hanuman Ji’s Pooja and aarti offers many benefits for you and your family. This pooja removes fear from the hearts of devotees and gives them the courage to face all difficulties of life.

    7.Katyayani Pooja

    Maa Katyayani is a manifestation of Maa Shakti, who is one of the key deities of Hinduism. Each year, millions of devotees visit the various Shaktipeeth temples to offer Pooja to Maa Katyayani. It is one of the most important Devi Poojas and has tremendous benefits. Katyayani Pooja can eliminate Manglik Dosh, bring happiness to married life, and overall benefit the quality of family life.


    Find your life path, destiny number, personality number, and friendly luck numbers with help of Vaastu-numerology. Book an Appointment Now!

    Contact Us and Send Your Birth Details To Find Your True Desires and Goals!


    A horoscope can reveal the ancestral engraves and psyche of an individual.

    We need to manage the relationship prominently in three fields – business, love, and career. No matter how hard we try to cope with relationship issues, due to the influence of energies released by planets, constellations, and other heavenly bodies we fail to do so. Issues arise with arguments about money, having insecurities and trust issues, not having wholesome communication, pushing each other’s boundaries, Habit of being unfaithful, toxicity, etc. 

    The negative and positive effects of planetary transit have a certain level of control over all our relationships. As Ketu, Mangal and Rahu have proven to be more spiteful and vindictive, it is necessary to have them placed in a conductive position.

    Book an Appointment Now to Improve Your Business, Love & Career with the Best Astrologer in Bangalore 


    There are many times in this situation that people become confused about what they have to do in their life. Even some of the time they have two options to select for their life if your name is Elon musk which type of work would be more beneficial, SolarCity or neural link. 

    So, by joining the alphabetical numbers it can be calculated which type of work Elon-Musk has to go into to gain the best benefit. 

    With the help of correct calculation by numerologists, one can gain appropriate results. 

    The main concern is that all the information provided about the person must be correct. With the help of this write-up, I will be describing in detail the fact that how will you select the appropriate business. 

    If you also want to select some of the other businesses or want to make some improvement in your business then you need to contact the best numerologist and take out the solution for all your problems. With the correct calculation of numbers corresponding with your birth details, you can easily make your future bright!

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